Exciting Summer Updates from AGC

Exciting Summer Updates from AGC

After four weeks of full-day summer enrichment programming, and robust back-to-school professional development with our teachers, we welcomed our students back to school on August 11th for our 14th school year! AGC’s innovative model is rooted in an extended school year and expanded learning opportunities that provide engagement and educational pathways for our students and families throughout the summer and beyond a traditional school day and year. 

Summer Enrichment

Our full-day summer programming combined academic enrichment opportunities with hands-on, project-based learning experiences, loads of fresh air and time in our schoolyard garden. We had four multi-age group pods that enjoyed a variety of opportunities for wellness, creativity, academic development, nature-based play and environmental education. At the end of every week, students led a farmers market for the AGC community and neighborhood where they harvested and sold organic produce from our gardens, and healthy and sustainable products that they prepared throughout the week. Activities spanned from theater to art, gardening to film production, and also enjoyed thematic learning about the Olympics! \

Mr. Jesús led art activities throughout our summer enrichment program where students of all ages learned how to work with clay.

Even our youngest learners contributed to our farmers market preparation by decorating reusable canvas bags.
Students practiced their entrepreneurship and math skills by pricing produce and engaging with farmers market customers.
Students enjoyed making recycled paper with Ms. Middendorf one afternoon!
On the final day of camp, our PreK – 1st grade pod showed off their hand-made Olympic medals!

Back to School

August 11th was the first day of our 14th school year at AGC! In preparation for a unique year of welcoming 100% of our students back for in-person learning, our faculty and staff came together for professional development, team building and planning. We also safely hosted parents, alumni and other neighborhood volunteers as it takes a village to cultivate a school community where all learners will thrive.

Leading up to our first day, teachers have been gathering each morning to collaborate, learn, and participate in wellness and mindfulness activities that mirror our whole-child approach to learning. 

AGC’s Early Childhood Education Program

This fall, we are launching AGC’s first Early Childhood Learning program in partnership with Start Early and we couldn’t be more excited to expand our AGC community to three- and four-year-old children. Our Early Childhood Learning program is rooted in AGC’s dual language, International Baccalaureate and whole-child philosophy. Our youngest learners will learn through experience in small groups, with an emphasis on nature-based play and discovery. Our Reggio-inspired methods and materials will provoke inquiry, wonder and curiosity. Our program will be overseen by AGC’s new Director of Early Childhood Learning, Jesús Oviedo, and our Lower School Principal, Saskia Rombouts, and will consist of both home-visiting and center-based learning options. To learn more, contact Jesús at joviedo@agcchicago.org

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