AGC 7th Grader Selected as Youth Ambassador for Women’s March on Washington, Profiled in Local and National Press

AGC 7th Grader Selected as Youth Ambassador for Women’s March on Washington, Profiled in Local and National Press


7th grader Cora Haworth, 13, was selected to serve as a youth ambassador for the Women’s March on Washington this weekend. She will be joined by her sister, in 6th grade, her mother, and her grandmother, as well as many of her teachers, and AGC board members.

Cora was among a small group of teenagers selected from 300 applicants to serve as official advocates for the march, taking place this Saturday in Washington DC. For her application, Cora wrote an essay about what it means to her to be an advocate for causes in her community and beyond. She has been civically engaged “since she was a baby,” says her mother, Tricia Fitzgerald.

Click here to watch a profile of Cora and her mother on NBC 5. 

In this role, Cora will be a representative within the student body for the march. This week, she is visiting classrooms to educate students about the march and the power of their voice. She will continue to encourage youth advocacy and share her experiences after the march. Cora and her family will ride 10 hours each way on a bus this weekend with other advocates to attend the march.

The Haworths are used to a long commute. Since 2010, Cora and her three siblings have traveled to AGC every day from Beverly, spending as much as two hours in transit to attend a school that shares their commitment to civic engagement.  AGC’s mission is to develop mindful leaders who take action now and in the future to positively impact their communities and the world beyond. Students are given opportunities to practice civic engagement and advocacy throughout AGC’s interdisciplinary International Baccalaureate inquiry program.

We are humbled and inspired to see the mission of AGC shine through students like Cora. Click to read about Christina, Martha, and Katie, just a few of the AGC Middle Schoolers who have used their voice for good this year. If you know a Middle Schooler or Elementary schooler who would be a good fit for AGC, direct them to our admissions page. AGC is a tuition-free, open enrollment public charter school.


We are particularly excited to share this news so soon after Martin Luther King day. For all of us at AGC, MLK day is a time to reflect on our individual and collective responsibility to be advocates for good. As Dr. King said, “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable.”

Read about Cora on DNA Info and Teen Vogue here.

CLICK HERE to watch Cora, Tricia, and AGC’s Aaron Fischer on NBC 5. 

[Consider a donation to help AGC support the next generation of mindful leaders.]

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