Year Nine, Our Time to Shine

Year Nine, Our Time to Shine

As many schools return from summer break this week, we take a moment to reflect on some of the joyful first moments of our 9th year!

During the first week of August, we welcomed some very exciting new team members this year, including six classroom educators with a combined 56 years of teaching experience across five countries. To read about each member of the AGC team on our website, click here!


All-staff yoga on our camping retreat in Wisconsin.


The rest of AGC’s now 54-person staff returned on August 3rd and began our year with an all-staff camping retreat in Wisconson. During those 36 hours, we formed strong bonds sealed with heat, sweat and bug spray. We played kickball, made chilli, meditated, and set our intentions for the year. One colleague described the experience as “the big ice melter,” because we didn’t so much break as melt the proverbial ice. Principal Jenn Moore says of the experience, “I’ve never started a school year so calm and so energetic. It’s crucial that we all have strong relationships with each other on which to build our work with kids.”

Our students also begin the year with an intentional mindset. Students enjoyed mini-units on mindfulness and design thinking to kick off the school year. In mindfulness units, students learned or refreshed skills to self-calm through mindful breathing, yoga, or focusing excess energy on “fidget” tools.




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