Seeking Innovative Leaders

Seeking Innovative Leaders

Recently, we shared news that AGC’s founder, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel would be transitioning out of her day-to-day duties as our founding Executive Director and into a new role as our Executive Chairman. For the past year, AGC’s President David Magill, the former director of the University of Chicago laboratory schools has been instrumental in assisting AGC through a seamless transition. This has allowed Sarah Elizabeth to work on broader issues of scaling innovation in education with the Emerson Collective.
In the meantime, we have been working with On-Ramps, to find our next permanent, full-time Executive Director to support our growing efforts to reimagine what’s possible in education. We are looking for someone with executive leadership experience and passion for AGC’s unique and innovative approach to education. We want someone who gets up every morning feeling excited to be part of a place committed to educating the whole child, our dual-language model, environmentalism and global citizenship. Can you help us identify candidates for this unique and critical role?
You – our families, supporters, friends and community – know what makes AGC and our team so special. There are two things you can do to spread the word:
1. Share the job posting with your network –
2.  Reach out to our partners at On-Ramps if you have ideas for candidates or people who can connect them to potential candidates. Feel free to e-mail either Madeline Scheffler ( or Will Wong (
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