5th Grade to Share Independent Research Projects at Public Exhibition. Join us May 10 and 12!

5th Grade to Share Independent Research Projects at Public Exhibition. Join us May 10 and 12!

Papers, Posters, Presentations Oh My.

Over the past 5 weeks the 5th grade, students have taken a leap into the deep end of the inquiry process. The IB PYP ends in 5th grade. As a way to showcase all that the students have learned over the past 6 years, they engage in a 6-week self-guided unit of inquiry, which culminates in a public Exhibition.

Students are working in groups researching a topic of their choice. They then use this research to write a research essay, to create 2 different presentations to inform others of their findings, and to design and complete an action based on their new understanding of their area of study.

This year’s topics include:

  • US/Mexico Border
  • Food Production
  • Sports Violence
  • Obesity in America
  • Child Abduction
  • Factory Farming
  • Homelessness
  • Food Waste
  • Nuclear Power and Control
  • Syrian Refugee Crisis
  • Healthcare

It has been amazing to see our students take this challenging task by the horns and showcase their skills and talents.

On May 10th, students will be presenting their work to their peers at the AGC Exhibition Fair during the school day. Then on May 12th at 6pm students will present their work at Hancock High School auditorium to the larger school community. We would love to see you at either of these events.

As we reflect and celebrate the past 6 years of these young people’s lives it is clear that they have been supported, challenged and encouraged to become lifelong learners and active citizens both locally and globally. Thank you to all of the parents, teachers, support staff and family who have helped make these young people they are today.

Please join us in celebrating our students and their work.


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