AGC is Hiring!

AGC is Hiring!

Jumping Students

AGC is hiring for the 2016-2017 school year. Please share the opportunities below to help us identify the best match!

We are recruiting for the following positions for the 2016-2017 school year. Please submit an application through the links below before April 1.

  • Bilingual Special Education Teacher
    • We are looking for a passionate Special Education teacher to support three students in a K-2 self-contained
    • Candidate must be certified for bilingual education.
    • Candidate must be certified to support diverse learners in a self-contained special education classroom.
    • Candidate will work alongside a paraprofessional with a small group of three high-need students in a self-contained class.
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  • Dual Language Elementary School Teacher
    • Dual Language is a two-way immersion method wherein lessons are conducted both in Spanish and English in a class where 50% of students are native English speakers and 50% are native Spanish speakers.
    • Candidates should be fluent and bi-literate in English and Spanish and have strong experience in dual language learning.
    • Ideal candidates are also experienced in International Baccalaureate education
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  • We seek educators with:
    • 5+ years experience as an educator
    • Spanish-English bi-literacy (ideal)
    • Familiarity with IB program
    • Familiarity with inquiry-based teaching and Responsive Classroom
    • Believer in culturally relevant teaching
    • Strong leadership, initiative, communication skills and personal drive
    • Ability to maintain a safe, orderly environment
    • Proven ability to play a lead role in their grade level
    • Experience with RTI process and accommodating students with IEPs in the classroom
  • The Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) is a Chicago Public Charter School located on the city’s industrial and underserved Southwest side. Our mission is to develop mindful leaders who take action both now and in the future to positively impact their communities and the world beyond. Our larger goal is to inspire the way society educates our future by fostering both local and global systemic change through the development and extension of AGC’s model within our local and national public education systems by scaling our innovation.
    In service of this mission, we are committed to serving the whole child, modeling academic excellence, developing inquirers, cultivating international awareness, fostering environmental stewardship and facilitating collaboration within the community.Working at AGC means:

    • Being surrounded by extraordinary, inquisitive students and hard-working, like-minded colleagues
    • Thriving in a dynamic, changing, and growing environment
    • Being held to high standards for continuous personal and school improvement
    • Having high academic expectations for every student in the school everyday
    • Getting your hands dirty in our school garden
    • Working in a culture of sustainability and wellness
    • Working hard and thinking outside of the box to do what is best for our students
    • Participating in a democratic school structure where everyone has a voice
    • Contributing to a scalable new vision for public education

Read more about AGC on

Middle schoolers at grow mural SMALL

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