AGC Families Send Water to Flint, MI

AGC Families Send Water to Flint, MI


On Tuesday, Tameka Walton, mother of two AGC students and founder of Restored Hope shared with the AGC community her plans to pack her car with bottled water and drive down to Flint, Michigan to help distribute much-needed potable water to undocumented families who might not be able to access support from the Red Cross.

By Thursday afternoon, it was clear that Tameka was going to need a bigger car.

water in hallway

As soon as the word was out, AGC students, families and staff were immediately inspired to help, each in their own way. Amy Burns, mother of three AGC students and accomplished graphic designer design an eye-catching campaign. Maribel Ortega, co-president of the AGC Community Council (ACC) engaged her own design skills and the ACC’s networks to spread informational posters throughout social media, our parent website, and school buildings.

Teachers incorporated lessons of water security into packed days. Faculty, staff and parents took time throughout the day to answer our young students’ many questions about the growing collection of water bottles lining the hallways. Our next-door neighbors at UHaul, one of whom happens to be from Flint, provided a discounted rate for the rental of a moving truck. Students from our 1st graduating 8th grade class volunteered to load water into the truck.

AGC’s mission is to develop mindful leaders who take action to positively impact their communities and the world beyond, and this mission is something that unites our curriculum, culture and operations and drives the daily work of our students, staff and families. Empathy and positive impact are not limited to one’s immediate community.

Each member of the AGC community has their own personal understanding of what it means to be a “global citizen.” Whether your global citizenship is focused on protecting the earth, embracing multiculturalism, kindness, or community service, we can all agree that global citizenship is rooted in empathy.

From our community in Chicago to Flint, Michigan, Happy Friday.

Thanks to Middle School educator Jacob Deems for putting together this video of today’s load-up!

water tameka

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