Reflecting on 2015, Looking Forward to 2016!

Reflecting on 2015, Looking Forward to 2016!

This is truly a landmark year for AGC and the thousands of individuals who have made our growth possible. This year, AGC:

• Completed our growth from Kindergarten – 8th grade, a process that began in 2008

• Will graduate our first 8th grade class

• Was designated a “Level 1 School” by Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Notable achievements included student attendance better than 90% of schools in our district and literacy growth better than 80% of schools across the U.S. (click to read more) 

• Hired our first full-time Sustainability Coordinator

• Announced a collaboration with Adrian Grenier’s Lonely Whale Foundation (click to read more)

• Began working with Studio Gang Architects to design the Midwest’s most sustainable school building, a model that will be replicable by schools locally and nationally (click to read more)

• Engaged Copenhagen-based Rosan Bosch Studios and Wonder, by Design to work with Studio Gang to help scale this work around the world.

AGC is a free, open-enrollment public charter school and receives less funding from Chicago Public Schools than equivalent district-operated schools. AGC must raise nearly $1,000 per student to close our funding gap, in addition to a significant capital campaign to build our future facility. AGC is a 501(c)(3) and contributions are tax-deductible.

Please consider a donation to support our work, or as a gift in honor of a loved one.


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