Insight and Wonder, Part IV: “Packing for the Future” Workshop with Parents

Insight and Wonder, Part IV: “Packing for the Future” Workshop with Parents

This is the third post in a series about the community engagement that is helping to define our future campus development. Click here to read the other posts in this series.

AGC’s parent and community engagement program, led by our School Culture Coordinator, our Parent and Afterschool Coordinator and the AGC Community Council, organize 70 parent and community facing events each year. To engage parents in the programming phase of our future campus design, Wonder, by Design organized two events, a presentation at a Parent Café, and a “Packing for the future workshop. At one of our monthly Parent Cafés, Trung Le, co-founder of Wonder, By Design, presented an overview programming work to date. In an after-school workshop with parents, Le facilitated an activity around packing for the future. The activity helps stakeholders think critically about the spaces, rituals and elements of our community that we would like to keep and what we are willing to leave behind.

“Designed to go deeper into the core values and mission of AGC, we asked parents to pack a travel bag for the future of AGC. What aspects of the current program and culture must we be sure to take with us? What are the things that no longer work for this ideal future, and that we must therefore leave behind?

We walked away from those conversations with a set of four living questions we must embrace and address going forward: How can space honor the power of community? How can we continue to power the spirit of volunteerism at AGC? Given the constant challenges schools face, how can we sustain the positive energy and push forward?” – Wonder, By Design

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