Adrian Grenier’s Lonely Whale Foundation to Partner with AGC

Adrian Grenier’s Lonely Whale Foundation to Partner with AGC

This weekend, actor and environmental advocate, Adrian Grenier — or, as our kids call him, “Mr. A” — announced the launch of the Lonely Whale Foundation, which utilizes the powerful narrative of 52, The Loneliest Whale, to educate people of all ages about ocean conservation and promote creative and collaborative conservation efforts.

Adrian kicked off the launch of the Lonely Whale Foundation this weekend at Art Basel with a curated show of multimedia art projects inspired by the Lonely Whale story, including a virtual reality program from Dell, who has engaged Adrian as their first ever Social Good Ambassador. AGC’s founder and Executive Chairman, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, joined Adrian onstage.

Adrian and SE in Miami

Educators from AGC will work with The Lonely Whale Foundation ​will create common core aligned curriculum for K-2nd grades that utilizes the sympathetic and friendly character of the Lonely Whale as a vehicle to engage students in units on empathy, communication, and ocean and environmental science. Lonely Whale lesson will build on AGC’s place-based approach and use of empathy as a teaching tool to meaningfully engage younger elementary school students in environmental education. In younger grades, students are invited to fall in love with nature through place-based exploration in our garden and community. Kindergarten, for instance, begins with a study of the ecosystem of the classroom, encouraging students to understand how they are responsible for shaping their learning environments – the power of their individual questions, conversations, and actions on the group. The year ends with a unit on ecosystems during which they develop a similar understanding of the relationships between creatures and their habitats around the world.

Learn more about the Lonely Whale Foundation through the Press Release below and their newly launched website,


Lonely Whale Foundation Announces Launch

Non-Profit Foundation to Focus on Ocean Education, Awareness and Health

NEW YORK, NY (December 1, 2015) – Inspired by the heartfelt story of an enigmatic whale – the 52 Hertz whale – actor, filmmaker and social advocate Adrian Grenier, along with Producer Lucy Sumner and Director Josh Zeman, has launched the Lonely Whale Foundation (LWF) in hopes to generate global change. The Lonely Whale Foundation will serve as a home for ocean health awareness through accessible conversation and education.

The project first began as a focus on the 52 Hertz Whale, a whale that has spent its entire life in solitude – resulting in feature film 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale, produced by entertainment and media company Alldayeveryday and Reckless Productions. The team behind the film realized a need to transform the positivity generated by 52 into something greater with real, tangible results.
“The Lonely Whale is not only a real animal, swimming in the pacific, looking for companionship but a symbol of our lack of ocean awareness, and how that disconnect is affecting these beautiful life forms,” said co-founder Adrian Grenier. “The mission for this foundation has been years in the making, and we hope the result will be greater understanding of our oceans, as well as mobilize our society to ensure that these creatures do not disappear from our oceans.”

LWF operates on the belief that on order to achieve a healthier ocean and environment for marine wildlife, humans must assume the roles of global citizens and work together as stewards of the planet to make positive change in the fragile and complex bodies of water that make up over 70% of the planet.

The first step to LWF bringing people closer to the world’s oceans will take place through education and awareness, hoping to inspire empathy and action for ocean health and the wellbeing of marine wildlife. Education will primarily take place through a program developed for Kindergarten through second graders by their partner school, the Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago.

In addition to early-childhood education programming, LWF hopes to bolster public awareness through global mobilization and collaboration. This will result in programming designed by the Lonely Whale teamed aimed at highlighting the oceans, while also supporting the Foundation.

To celebrate the foundation launch, Adrian Grenier, in partnership with Dell, will unveil a new virtual reality experience, “Cry Out: The Lonely Whale Experience” on Friday, December 4 during Art Basel Miami. An underwater VR expedition created by 3D Live, Dell Precision Alienware technology, the film will travel to United Nations Paris Climate Conference (COP21) next week and then other events around the world to help educated and inspire empathy and action from ocean health and the wellbeing of marine wildlife.

For more information on the Lonely Whale Foundation, please visit


Lonely Whale Foundation

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