AGC Orcas Fly in First Citywide Track Meet

AGC Orcas Fly in First Citywide Track Meet

AGC’s Cross Country team, the Mighty Flying Orcas have been soaring lately! Flying Orcas 3

The team was invited to participate in a joint meet with Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Park District. During this meet, two AGC students took first and second place, and eight of our students qualified to move on to a City wide meet, held on Halloween in Washington Park. Despite the cold rain and muddy conditions, our students were in high spirits and 5 of our students placed in the top 10 in their age group citywide. This is the very first citywide meet our Orcas have participated in, and we are so proud of them!

flying orcas

Delilah placed 8th in the qualifier and 10th citywide in her age group. Adam placed 4th in the qualifier and 10th citywide. Elias placed 5th in the qualifier and 9th citywide. Kayleen placed 2nd in the qualifier and 3rd citywide. Amelia placed 1st in the qualifier and 4th citywide. Diana placed 5th in the qualifier and 5th citywide. Madeline placed 7th in the qualifier and 20th citywide. Katie placed 9th in the qualifier and 21st citywide.

We are extremely proud of our athletes and the growth they have shown during the short years they have been running as a team. Lacking funds for coaching, facilities, and equipment, these students and the teachers and parents that volunteer to lead them have pulled a winning team together out of thin air, dirt, sweat, and determination.

Many AGC students participate in park and rec league football, soccer, cheerleading and more. Three AGC students recently won first place in a regional cheer competition and will be going on to nationals in Florida!

Go Orcas! flying orcas2

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