AGC Seeking Passionate Educators for 2015-2016

11 Mar

At AGC, we aim to recruit, develop, and retain individuals who embody the characteristics of a global citizen and actively promote the school’s mission in all that they do. If this describes you, we encourage you to join our community of learners.
Teaching at AGC means:

  • Thriving in a dynamic, changing, and growing environment
  • Engaging in significant curriculum development work
  • Being challenged to examine your practice to increase student achievement
  • Having high academic expectations for every student in the school everyday
  • Participating in at least 22 professional development days in addition to out-of-state International Baccalaureate training
  • Being encouraged and supported to travel abroad
  • Teaching an 8-hour school day and extended year with approximately 125 minutes of prep time per day
  • Having access to an organic breakfast and lunch made from scratch
  • Trying things again and again and again until we get it right
  • Getting your hands dirty in our school garden
  • Welcoming visitors who are interested in learning about our school
  • Working hard and thinking outside of the box to do what is best for our students

To view and apply for jobs online, click here.



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