5th Annual Taste of AGC Fall Harvest Festival Unites Community Through Food

5th Annual Taste of AGC Fall Harvest Festival Unites Community Through Food


Yesterday, nearly 200 families, students and staff gathered to celebrate the harvest and healthy food at AGC’s 5th annual Taste of AGC.

In addition to uniting our families for a meal and celebration, this event has served many purposes. The event has served an important role in educating our community about our  food program, addressing the benefits of prioritizing local, organic and balanced meals, sharing resources to help families “shop smart,” and giving students an opportunity to share lessons in food and nutrition with their families. Over the years, the need for this education component has waned, as we increasingly become a community committed to great food for all. Says parent Perla Nuñez, “This year, what I’m hearing from a lot of parents is ‘how do I make this at home, this is my kid’s favorite.”

The “Taste” centers around a shared meal made up of tasting portions of new or proposed menu items from AGC’s in-house chef. The event provides an important opportunity  for community members of all ages to provide feedback on our menu. “What I love about the Taste of AGC,” says Perla, “is that it gives families an opportunity to taste the meals that our kids are eating on a daily basis. The thing about [AGC’s food program] is, it’s good. It tastes well and it’s healthy, nutritious and organic.”

“They’ve always been good reviews,” agrees Dominic, 8, “every time I come.” But Dominic thinks one dish shines above the rest. “The potato soup is good,” he says, “and I want it to win. All the food is good but the potato soup is the best.”


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