Attention 7th Grade Parents: Spots In AGC Middle School Available Now!

Attention 7th Grade Parents: Spots In AGC Middle School Available Now!

AGC has a rare set of vacancies in 7th grade and is looking for students to enroll in 7th grade for this school year. This is an exciting opportunity for a parent of a 7th grader, as we typically have 10 applications for each available spot. For parents with younger children, the siblings of an enrolled student are given automatic priority in our lottery, so your 7th grader can open the door for his or her younger siblings to access AGC’s innovative and rigorous model for learning. Enroll today on our website.

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Why Enroll In AGC?

The Academy for Global Citizenship offers a relevant, engaging and challenging educational program for all children. Every child is held accountable for achieving rigorous academic standards. Our inquiry-based learning curriculum provides an opportunity for learners to construct meaning through concept-driven units of study. Students become environmentally and internationally minded by learning how their choices impact their community and ultimately the world. The Academy for Global Citizenship places an emphasis on the total growth of the developing child by addressing social, physical, linguistic, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development. As a community of learners; professionals, families, and teachers work collaboratively to ensure the learning environment supports high achievement.

Students thrive in a environment that respects their needs as developing young leaders, with project-based learning that provides tools and opportunities to impact their communities and the world beyond, daily wellness education that addresses their physical, social and emotional well-being, and a nutritious, 100% organic food program that is prepared from scratch by our in-house Chef, and often features produce grown right outside our doors in our edible schoolyard garden.

Academy for Global Citizenship

The Academy for Global Citizenship is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program school. An IB authorization means we share a common philosophy with other IB schools around the world—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that AGC believes will give our students the knowledge and skills to be successful in the future.

We teach through:

  • cycle of inquiry grounded in concept-based central ideas.
  • Close collaboration among faculty, staff, and families.
  • Research-based methods supported by relevant and ongoing professional development and sharing of practice with teachers in other schools.
  • Holding all students accountable to high academic standards.
  • Using formative and summative assessment data to drive decision-making.

Students learn through:

  • A healthy, child-centered environment.
  • Curriculum organized into interdisciplinary Units of Inquiry.
  • Extended learning day with a balance of time spent on core academic subjects, physical activity, and enrichment.
  • A place-based education approach which honors the neighborhood and city in which our school exists.
  • rigorous and robust curriculum which challenges students to thinking deeply about what they are learning.

Our community collaborates through:

  • Sister school partnerships around the world including schools in Uganda and India.
  • Family engagement workshops centered around the school’s mission and vision and a plethora of volunteer opportunities.
  • A high school and college student internship program.
  • University partnerships including Northwestern, The School of the Art Institute, and University of Chicago.
  • The intentional sharing of practices at speaking engagements and conferences in addition to welcoming hundreds of visitors each year.


AGC welcomes your participation in your child’s education. At the Academy for Global Citizenship, we honor and recognize that parents are their child’s first teachers and we must partner with parents in their chilld’s education. To foster deep investment in the success of our students we encourage families to play an active role in the life of the school. At AGC you will find parents, teachers, and staff excited to collaborate to create the best learning environment for your child and to help your child access exemplary education opportunities in High School and beyond.


Here’s what our parents have to say about an AGC education:

I see my child making better choices in life. Nino has become aware of his surroundings and the environment more that I could have ever imagined possible. It is my hope that he carries these lessons throughout his life.”

“AGC’s organic food program has changed our eating habits at home! We are now cooking with different vegetables that we had never tasted before. Seth is more aware of the environment and is constantly wondering about what is good or bad for the earth.”

“AGC has changed the way we think about food and nutrition. Leila takes more time to appreciate our natural world. She has learned how to approach life with a positive image as the IB program has influenced her mind, body and soul.

“At AGC, Maximiliano is receiving the fundamental building blocks for becoming a culturally-versed, creative, engaged, passionate, socially and environmentally conscious, imaginative and critical thinker.”


As a laboratory for innovation in education, AGC is respected internationally. Since 2008, the Academy for Global Citizenship has been:

• Invited to the White House as the Midwest’s first and nations second “Healthier US School,” the USDA’s highest honor

• Designated as a National Green Ribbon School by US Education Secretary, Arne Duncan

• Asked to present to the United States Department of Education on scaling our innovation

• Authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization as an IB World School

• Provided a Congressional Record from the US House of Representatives

• Commended by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Pat Quinn as a model for Chicago

• Recognized in an array of local, national and international media sources, including the

New York TImes, Good Morning America, NBC, ABC, Fox News, NPR, Atlantic Monthly,

Forbes, Monocle, Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, Univision, Forbes and many others.

Rep. Foster and AGC Students

• AGC is outperforming our nearest public school by over 32 percentage points in reading,

37 percentage points in math and 19 percentage points in science.

• AGC is outperforming district averages on the standardized state test by over 5

percentage points and neighborhood public school averages by 11 percentage points.

• AGC published a Sustainable Schools Handbook that has been utilized by schools

locally, nationally, and across the globe.

• AGC’s team members have presented at over 70 conferences, teacher trainings and TED

events, from as far as Uganda, Brazil, Colombia, Germany and Japan.


The Academy for Global Citizenship is an open enrollment, free public school for students living within the City of Chicago. Enrollment forms are available online at

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