“Ms. Jayaram, I want to be a Wellness teacher.”

“Ms. Jayaram, I want to be a Wellness teacher.”

During wellness, this week, K-2 wellness teacher Arathi Jayaram and her students were feeding AGC’s schoolyard chickens some meal worms. Saul, an AGC 1st grader, said, “I am just going to watch so I can learn, because I want to work here [at AGC] one day.”

Ms. Jayaram asked “What do you want to do at AGC, for your job?” and Saul replied “I want to be a teacher.” “What do you want to teach, Kindergarten, 1st Grade….” “Ms. Jayaram,” he said “I want to be a Wellness teacher.” Ms. Jayaram then shared with Saul some ways that he could serve as an apprentice and learn the trade.

Wellness is a daily class at AGC, a unique combination of Physical Education, Social and Emotional Education, Nutrition Education and Environmental Education, often centering around work in our schoolyard garden. Students enjoy wellness classes  We hope that by the time Saul is ready to lead his own Wellness class, Wellness programs will be common in schools around the country. 

To learn more about AGC’s wellness and sustainability program, visit our sustainability pages online. Consider supporting AGC’s wellness initiatives with a one-time or monthly donation. Click here to learn about the many ways to support wellness and other unique programs at AGC.

Saul and Ms. Jayaram in the garden.
Saul and Ms. Jayaram in the garden.



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