Year Seven, Week One

Year Seven, Week One

While many students are soaking up the last rays of summer, students at the Academy for Global Citizenship are wrapping up their first week of the new school year, but they’re not upset. As Seth, a current 7th grader and and member of AGC’s very first cohort told mother Mirza: “you see, the first week is always cool and fun it’s the second week when they pull you in!”

We’d love to take this opportunity to share a few more quotable moments from our week of school:

      • “Mommy, you can go now. I’m okay,” Aaron said as I continued to linger the first day of school. My little one was so ready to start kinder!” – Perla, mother of Aaron (Kindergarten) and Pedro (4th Grade.)
      • “I asked Joaquin how was his first day at school and he said it was “good”. I then asked him “How is your new teacher?” and he replied ‘She is so great mom!’ He had a smile from ear and ear. I can’t remember the last time I have seen him smile like that. It almost brought me to tears of joy because he was so happy. – Yeida, AGC Instructional Interventionist and mother of Joaquin (3rd Grade) and Diego (5th Grade)
      • “Joaquin was so excited to start 2nd grade that he forgot his book bag, school slippers and water bottle, but he was still showing off his excitement with a beaming smile.” – Maribel, mother of Joaquin (2nd Grade)
      • “I asked Christian how his first day was and he said ‘awesome mom! I love third grade!‘ I loved his response it almost made me cry because, he had a really hard time liking school.” – Mariana, mother of Christian (3rd Grade)
      • “Michelle greeted me after dismissal to say that she met Daisy and Puddles (AGC’s Chickens) she couldn’t believe the school had such animals roaming around!” – Claudia, mother of Michelle (Kindergarten)
      • “How was school Owen? ‘It was good, I get to sit on a couch and, Ms. Phillips, I like her! We gotta be good because Fun Friday is gonna be awesome!’ What about you Syd? ‘Oh well Ms. Gehl she is the cutest ever and she has the cutest little baby named Lucas? And the new wellness teacher is Mr. Casper like the boy and but I miss Ms. Jayaram Ms. Mac and Ms. Moore’…all in one breath!” – Melana, mother of Owen (5th Grade) and Sydney (3rd Grade)

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