5 Reasons to Visit Today’s Schoolyard Market at AGC

5 Reasons to Visit Today’s Schoolyard Market at AGC

This week’s Schoolyard Market doubles in size, as AGC’s summer campers just pulled in a giant harvest from our schoolyard gardens. Come shop today between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm at 4941 W. 46th Street! We’ve come up with 5 reasons you should attend today’s market.


1. “$1 For How Many You Want” – Affordable Prices

summer 2014 market 3

As part of their lessons in entrepreneurship and business development, we ask our campers, including incoming Kindergarteners, to set their own prices. These social entrepreneurs opted to keep prices low to make their goods accessible. Last week’s market featured such steals as “$1 dollar for how many you want” on parsley, $1.50 for hand decorated re-usable produce bags, and 50 cent eggplants.


2. “Mr. Pickle Was A Good Man” – Food Prepared With Love

Mr. Pickle Was a Good ManMaybe it’s the pride of having watched their garden blossom over the past few months, or maybe it’s the Humane Education from H.E.A.R.T, but our campers have so much love for their produce and products. In addition to freshly harvested produce, our campers will be selling homemade pickles (made with garden-grown dill and cucumbers), healthy popsicles and various crafts.





3. “We Eat Our Garden” – Local Produce from Chicago’s Southwest Sidesummer 2014 market 6

Everything sold today is hyper local. Local foods are better for the environment, saving fossil fuels from transportation, better for local economies, as funds can go directly to the farmer and better for you, as produce shipped across the country or the world is picked green and ripened in transit or in a warehouse, depriving the product of important nutrients, flavors, and textures.


4. “I Was Sent With a List” – Varied and Limited-Time Offeringssummer 2014 market 5

Many of the customers that joined us at last week’s inaugural market left with bags full of produce. Based on the harvest schedule, we will have different produce to sell each week. This week we have an abundance of the following delicious ingredients (click the links for a recipe suggestion):





Rainbow Chard



Green Onions

Green and Purple Beans



Chili Peppers

Herbs: Green and Purple Basil, Dill, and more.

5. … This …

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