AGC Makes IL Honor Roll for School Improvement

AGC Makes IL Honor Roll for School Improvement

We were honored today to receive recognition of our students’ academic growth from the IL State Board of Education on the Illinois Honor Roll for School Improvement.

The IL Honor Roll recognizes substantial growth of at least 7.5 points in state test scores between 2012 and 2013 and an improvement of at least 15 points between 2011 and 2013. AGC is one of only 45 schools in Chicago and 125 in the state to receive this honor. 

We are so proud of our students for their success and grateful to our teachers, parents and staff for their partnership in this achievement. Says Founding Principal Anne Gillespie: 

“We accomplished this because of everything each and everyone of our staff do to support our students everyday.  From making the healthiest school lunch of any school in the country and rallying our parents to be engaged to working into the wee hours planning lessons and meeting early in the morning to discuss how best to teach vocabulary…all have played a role.”
We are inspired to look back on our students’ growth over the past six years. When we opened our doors in 2008, 89% of our first cohort were testing below grade-level benchmarks and, after 24 months of hard work, 80% were testing at or above those same standards (NWEA MAP Test.) We took this growth of 69 percentage points, alongside the pace at which they took on the mission of environmental stewardship, international mindedness and community wellness, as a sign that we were doing something right. In an effort to scale our impact by serving as a laboratory of innovation, we have welcomed over 6,000 visitors, including school designers and school leaders from private, catholic, charter networks and public school districts around the city. We estimate a positive impact on over 200,000 students through our efforts to share our learnings open-source.
Thank you to all of our partners in this journey.



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