2nd Grade Visits Über Sustainable Hannah’s Bretzel, HB to Donate 25% of Sales on 4.22 to AGC.

10 Apr

AGC’s 2nd grade students visited the über sustainable, organic, nutritious and tasty sandwich chain Hannah’s Bretzel for an exciting field trip as part of a healthy cooking unit in their Wellness class. 

Students enjoyed a tour of one of 5 Hannah’s Bretzel locations on Lasalle St, and lessons on healthy food choices, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Our students were most excited by the Bretzel 101 crash course, where they learned how to make and fold the famous soft pretzels.

Please enjoy these wonderful photos from Nathan Grills.




AGC has been honored to partner Hannah’s Bretzel for more than five years. Each year AGC has added a grade level and Hannah’s has added a location, and we have enjoyed growing alongside each other. AGC and Hannah’s share a commitment to good food, sustainability, and understanding the intersection between the two. We are thrilled to have Hannah’s Bretzel as a partner in promoting nutritious food and environmental stewardship. 

Please join us in applauding Hannah’s Bretzel for their leadership and for their support of our school. 

Every year on Earth Day, 4.22, Hannah’s Bretzel donates a percent of sales to support AGC’s garden and nutrition program. This year, please visit your local Hannah’s Bretzel for a sandwich or 10, as 25% of sales from all five locations will be generously donated to AGC.


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