Welcome to Corenna Roozeboom, AGC’s New School Garden Coordinator

Welcome to Corenna Roozeboom, AGC’s New School Garden Coordinator

Please join us in a warm welcome to our new School Garden Coordinator – Corenna Roozeboom.
Corenna brings outstanding experience to this new role as an educator, environmentalist, and entrepreneur as she founded the non-profit McKinley Park Community Garden on the southwest side of the city where she secured a vacant lot, gained aldermanic support, and collaborated with 58 local families in the first growing season of organic vegetables.  She also has served as a Garden Educator with the Chicago Park District teaching youth gardening programs; along with positions at the Lurie Garden, Eden Place Nature Center, and the Morton Arboretum.  Corenna’s global citizenship was enhanced through teaching gardening and English to school children in Huaycan, Peru and a college semester in Spain.
Corenna recently completed an M.A. from Miami University in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on four tenets – community engagement, environmental stewardship, inquiry-based learning, and global understanding.  Her further studies include a B.A. in Spanish and Communication Arts from Trinity, and Master Gardener studies at Univ. of IL.
 Corenna will be responsible for the holistic management of the schoolyard gardens, chicken coop, greenhouse, indoor living wall systems, etc.  She will be a collaborative resource in training AGC and visiting teachers on incorporating gardens into curriculum; strengthening students’ and communities’ knowledge about and attitudes toward agriculture, food, nutrition and the environment; along with partnering with Chef Eddie and Kitchen Manager Julia O’Grady on integrating menu development into planting schedules.
Corenna and her husband Schuyler are residents of the near southwest side, and we are happy to welcome them both to the AGC community.

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