Skoll World Forum Introduces AGC at Social Innovation Summit at Stanford

Skoll World Forum Introduces AGC at Social Innovation Summit at Stanford


On Tuesday, November 19th, AGC’s Founder and Executive Director, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, will present alongside dozens of leaders in social innovation, government, innovation and entertainment at the Social Innovation Summit (SIS).

Yesterday, the Skoll World Forum website published an article by Sarah Elizabeth introducing the concepts she will address during her SIS talk.

“I believe we can scale the innovations that have been incubated in select classrooms to create vastly better outcomes across multiple measures…for all children,” Ms. Ippel says, but “moving this mountain will require our collective strength and creative solutions.” Ms. Ippel calls for local and global collaboration, across sectors, to address the gaps in our education system.

The issue, Ms. Ippel says, is not a lack of innovation, as she has observed successful teacher and school-led innovations develop in schools across the country. Individual innovations, without a mechanism to assess, codify and share, never reach their greatest potential in scale.  “I am calling for collaborators to share their innovations and help develop a technology-based platform that enables teachers to share their innovations in an open and transparent manner while also track their results along the way.”

Open sharing to scale our innovations has been at the heart of AGC’s mission since opening our doors in 2008. When writing our School Sustainability handbook, for instance, we reflected on our experiences, recalled the tangible steps we took and the resources we referenced, so that others do not have to develop those processes on their own, and can learn from our experience.

The “teach a man to fish” philosophy is economically efficient and allows educators to leverage their greatest passions and skills: teaching and inspiring growth.

Skoll World Forum is an annual congregation of 1,000 delegates from the social, finance, private and public sectors. For three days and nights, these global leaders debates critical issues, and hold work sessions to innovate, accelerate and scale solutions to social challenges. allows those conversations to continue throughout the year. We are grateful to Skoll and the Social Innovation Summit for the opportunity to share our passions and inspire collaboration.


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