Another Day at AGC

20 Sep

Today was a day like any day at AGC, children explored the earth to grow their brains, parents and teachers worked together to grow our school, and we shared our mission with thinkers around the globe.

8:30 am CST – 3rd grade embarks on a trip to Starved Rock State Park for their geography unit “our changing earth.”


9:00 am CST – 4th grade explores the universe at the Adler Planetarium.


9:30 am CST – 6th grade explores the sun’s role in seasonal change with the aid of a flashlight and a model planet Earth.


10:00 am CST (4:00 pm EEST) – Sarah Elizabeth Ippel Presents “When Left Feels Right” at TEDxMünchen in Munich, Germany


12:00 pm CST – Friday is pizza day- whole grain organic pizza with a salad full of veggies, a side of green beans and a juicy mango. Thanks, Chef Eddie!


1:00 pm CST – These Orcas can’t resist a little posing- yoga and otherwise- before they leave the planetarium.


2:00 pm CST – AGC parents get 10 votes for AGC in one hour – taking AGC from 187-197 on Give With Target. Each vote is $1 towards supplies at Target- vote today!



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