AGC’s Ms. Jenni Honored Among Outstanding Educators in New Book

AGC’s Ms. Jenni Honored Among Outstanding Educators in New Book

Celebrating those that go above and beyond in education, American Teacher from Welcome Books features educators with diverse backgrounds and approaches, from Stephen Ritz, a passionate advocate for garden education in the Bronx with a popular TED talk, to Alex Kajitani, the “Rappin’ Mathematician.”

We are honored that one of our own, Jenni Schneiderman, known to us as “Miss Jenni,” has been honored for going above and beyond to inspire, empower and improve the lives of an entire community through education, civic engagement and entrepreneurship. Ms. Jenni’s innovative “Global Marketplace” summer program, her boundless love for the AGC community and her desire to work with students and parents alike to help them to take action in their communities and the world beyond makes her an inspiration to us all. 


We are thrilled to see a book that celebrates educators and encourages them to share their approaches, successes and challenges. As an innovative school that attracts bright leaders in education, community engagement, social justice and environmental stewardship, we have been lucky to be home to such shining examples as Ms. Jenni and so many other leaders in the field who have been honored or invited to speak to their experiences.

We want to encourage AGC families, friends, and advocates for educators everywhere to recommend your heroes in education to be recognized for their work, inside the classroom and out. Thank a teacher today with your own words or by recommending them for an award. The following are just a few of the ways outstanding educators can be recognized today:

 Golden Apple teaching awards in Illinois

The Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award through the Kennedy Center

The Great American Teacher Awards

National and State Teacher of the Year from the Council of Chief State School Officers

The Milken Educator Awards 


American Teacher comes out in October but is available for pre-order now. Ms. Jenni has access to bulk purchases, so if you are interested in purchasing one at a significant discount, contact Jenni will be taking part in a local book signing surrounding the release, so stay tuned for more details! 

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