AGC’s Founder Sarah Elizabeth Ippel Selected for Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Emerging Leaders Program

26 Jun

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs announced today that they have identified “21 emerging leaders who will help Chicago compete and thrive in the global era.”

Chicago is one of the world’s top cities because its thoughtful leaders understood how to transform it from an industrial powerhouse to an agile modern city deeply integrated in the global economy. A new generation is now rising to leadership in the city, and individuals selected to participate in The Chicago Council’s Emerging Leaders Program are drawn from the best and the brightest in the Chicagoland area.

The Emerging Leaders Class of 2015, the 6th of its kind, will spend the first year of a two year program exploring global issues and the second producing an action plan for a challenge of their choice. Past reports have addressed urban food security, the establishment of a venture philanthropy fund for Chicago students, immigration and Chicago’s experience and the privatization of infrastructure.

Emerging leaders are selected by an independent selection committee identifies a new class of leaders from a competitive pool of nominated candidates. Sarah Elizabeth shares this honor with leaders at Northwestern University, the Hellenic American Leadership Council, the MacArthur Foundation, the CIty of Chicago, the University of Illinois and more!

Click here to read about the other Emerging Leaders.


About The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Founded in 1922, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is one of the oldest and most prominent international affairs organizations in the United States. Independent and nonpartisan, The Chicago Council is committed to influencing the discourse on global issues through contributions to opinion and policy formation, leadership dialogue, and public learning. Long known for its studies of American public opinion on foreign policy, The Chicago Council has expanded its contributions to national and international discussions on issues such as the global economy, migration, agricultural development and food security, and energy and climate change. Through studies, task force reports, and special initiatives, The Chicago Council contributes fresh insights and authentic perspectives from Chicago and the Midwest to the formation of opinion and policy in the United States and abroad. Learn more and follow @ChicagoCouncil for updates.

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