“Tuesday Afternoon”

“Tuesday Afternoon”

“Tuesday afternoon” is a shortcut phrase to signify the daily needs of students and staff on an “ordinary day” at AGC.  During all-staff strategic planning, while designing energy-generating playgrounds, or discussing the needs of global learners, throughout the course of impacting 20 million students by 2020, we often ask “how will this affect Tuesday Afternoon?”

Today was a reminder of how remarkable each day can be at this school and how “Tuesday Afternoons” are truly anything but “ordinary.”

10:00 am 

Dan Schnitzer, our Director of Sustainability takes 20 4th grade students to City Hall to attend a committee hearing regarding an ordinance to ban plastic bags in large retail stores (our 4th grade led a march against plastic in April.)

At the hearing, Mr. Dan represented our students by testifying in favor ordinance and for the health of the environment. Mr. Dan reports:

“Good news and bad news out of Chicago City Council. Bad news first: no vote today, though Alderman Joe Moreno says it could have passed. Good news: Committee Chair Alderman George Cardenas signals that vote will be held on Bring Your Bag Chicago ordinance next month. Also good: Illinois Retail Merchants Association indicates willingness to discuss a bag fee. Thanks to Alderman Moreno and the people who showed up to testify today. Meanwhile, keep signing the petition! http://www.change.org/petitions/bring-your-bag-chicago


12:30 pm

Through a collaboration between AGC, Hearst Elementary school and Openlands, a strip of cement in between two public school buildings, is now a peaceful garden. Students, administrators, board members and Openlands representatives celebrated today with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The garden contains benches to serve as a meeting space as well as an outdoor classroom of large boulders.


2:30 pm

During AGC’s Kindergarten end-of-year exhibition, students walk one by one to a microphone and prepared statements about what they have learned this year. As our first dual language class moves on to 1st grade, we had alternating presentations in English and Spanish. After the presentations, the students sang a song in english that described each of their units of inquiry throughout the year and finally, a farewell song in Spanish!


"In Kindergarten, I learned to push myself and how to count to five."
“In Kindergarten, I learned to push myself and how to count to five.”
"In kindergarten I learned to read and how to be caring to my friends."
“In kindergarten I learned to read and how to be caring to my friends.”
"En kindergarten yo apprendir a leer."
“En kindergarten yo apprendir a leer.”
"In kindergarten I learned to read big words."
“In kindergarten I learned to read big words.”
"En kinder yo aprendí a no cortar todo los arboles."
“En kinder yo aprendí a no cortar todo los arboles.”
“In the fifth unit of inquiry, we learned about all the living things.”
“Adios, kindergarten, adios!”

IMG_4891 IMG_4888 IMG_4889

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