Connecting Farms to Forks: Door to Door Organics

Connecting Farms to Forks: Door to Door Organics

At AGC, students enjoy scratch made meals from locally sourced ingredients (meet our farmers here.) Believing fervently in access to quality local and organic foods, we want to make it easier for families to access these ingredients as well as students.

Last month, we debuted the Organic Food Buying Club, using our collective purchasing power to offer local organic produce to AGC families and staff at wholesale prices. This program is an evolution of the CSA boxes of previous years. Our Food Buying Club allows participants to choose from common ingredients: lettuce, tomatoes, chicken and carrots, making this new arrangement more ideal for busy families. For so many families in Chicago and around the world, access to good local organic produce is hindered by obstacles of geography, cost, and convenience.

Our friends at Door to Door Organics are breaking down these obstacles for people all over the country. Door to Door delivers great food direct from local family farms to residents Colorado, the Chicagoland area, the Tri-State area, Michigan and Kansas City.

door to door

Door to Door sources gorgeous organic produce from family farms alongside ethical meats (Smoking Goose, anyone?) and unique local products like the Co-op Hot Sauce. Door to Door will bring you many of our students’ favorite goodies, including Manna Sprouted Breads (our kids go wild for their cinnamon raisin bread,) milk from Sassy Cow and produce from Harvest Moon Farms.

We at AGC are inspired by Door to Door’s mission to strive for sustainability in all that they do. They provide a magnificent direct link between farmers and families and are a shining example of an ethical company. Door to Door makes healthy habits accessible with nutritional recipes and their “AskChefChris” twitter sessions. Door to Door Chicago diverts 500 pounds of organic waste each week from landfills to compost to help urban farms feed Chicagoans. More than just a grocery delivery service, the advocates at Door to Door work to promote a positive and pioneering food culture, including lending a hand to like-minded non-profits like AGC whenever then can.

We would like to thank Door to Door for generously donating their boxes as perks for Illinois residents who donated to our Dream School Campaign. We hope that these boxes will help some develop an appreciation for the outstanding flavors of organic and local produce.

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