3rd Grade United Nations Lunch with Michael Pajonk

17 Dec

Last month, the very lucky 3rd graders at the Academy for Global Citizenship shared an organic lunch with Michael Pajonk, the Director of Organizational Partnerships at the United Nations Foundation.


Mr. Pajonk came to speak to the 3rd grade as part of their unit on Government. He shared with our students the important work that the UN is doing in Africa to prevent Malaria. Mr. Pajonk answered an endless stream of questions from excited and curious students about the role of the United Nations, their health initiatives and global objectives and the qualities an individual must possess to work with the United Nations.

Our students were thrilled at the opportunity to interview such an outstanding global citizen. We are truly grateful to Mr. Pajonk for coming to share his passions and his experiences with our students at the Academy for Global Citizenship.




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