Praise for our Net Positive Future (More comments on

19 Oct

What are people saying about the first campaign for our net-positive energy campus?

“I recently attended an event where Sarah Elizabeth presented her vision for the Academy for Global Citizenship. The entire room was inspired to the point of giving her a standing ovation at end of the presentation. It’s amazing to see what has already been accomplished and inspiring to think about what can still be done.”


“From Belgium, we will follow the developments to build this amazing school.”


“One of our big regrets about moving away from Chicago— our kids wouldnt be able to attend this amazing school!!”


“[I am contributing] so that we may leave ignorance behind.”


“This concept of teaching is the greatest. I would like to know that all school systems are instilling these values for all involved in the schools- not only students, but parents, teachers and all who touch that student’s life.”


{A small sample of the great things going on at}


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