Inch by Inch, Row by Row, Gonna Make This Dream School Grow

Inch by Inch, Row by Row, Gonna Make This Dream School Grow

Our crowd funding campaign on is currently 44% funded towards its goal of $50,000! We are almost halfway there with exactly 100 days left in our campaign.

$50,000 is the first step towards our ultimate goal to build a net-positive energy campus, and as we all step together, the distance we cover grows greater and our strides grow more powerful!

At each level of fundraising, we will be able take certain steps that will launch a new phase. The next step we hope to take in the coming months, thanks to this fundraising campaign, is to secure the land for soil testing.

One of the greatest opportunities this project will provide for us and our budding young environmentalists is the chance to perform heavy-duty brownfield remediation, reviving soil harmed by years of industrial use. With hard work, we can create pure, clean soil out of damaged earth. Imagine: growing healthy, fresh, organic vegetables in the middle of an industrial park, on the site of a former factory.

This is the power of your dollars, your emails, phone calls and the moments you take to talk to your neighbor at the grocery store about the “school of the future” being planned down the street. Inch by inch, ear-to-ear, we can share this vision and take steps to realize our collective dream for a healthier, Net Positive future.

Continue to help share this dream. Send this video (created by Park Belly Productions!) to friends or family and ask them to join you in taking small steps towards big change at

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