Great Geeks: Online Crowd Funding With Help From kCura

Great Geeks: Online Crowd Funding With Help From kCura

When the Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) launched our crowd-funding campaign last month on, we were challenged by how essential technology and computer literacy were to the early success of this campaign. Our friends at kCura generously partnered with us to support the technological needs of this campaign on many levels: from the pitch video that our own Mr. Phillips produced to the “campaign room” on launch day, brimming with lap tops and parents sharing social networking strategies. As we worked together to launch this online campaign, we became more united as a community through the spirit of growth and ingenuity. We’d like to thank kCura and their Geek Grant for their support and for modeling the power of collaborative dreaming.

kCura started out as a small consulting firm and often created various computer programs for law firms. One such creation, an e-discovery platform, was such a breakthrough that kCura dropped everything else to develop it.  In essence, this kind of software allows users to very quickly and efficiently search through documents. This program, however, Relativity, grew into something more, through collaboration and creativity. The hardworking people at kCura developed Relativity into such a user-friendly, comprehensive and versatile product that their client list now features a diverse group of large corporations, including Deloitte.

Second grader aspires to master online document sharing.
Second grader aspires to master online document sharing

At AGC, new technologies, like our virtual main office on or the solar energy monitoring stations in our classrooms are more than convenience; they are essential to our mission. We seek to prepare students to excel in the 21st Century, an era of constant technological innovation.

In a time where there are economies based on innovative programming, we seek not only to prepare students to understand technology, we must foster the kind of individuals who will work together to revolutionize it. We hope our students will embody the same collaborative, imaginative and industrious spirit as the employees of kCura.

Parents campaigning outside during pickup.

In the weeks since the launch of the campaign for our Dream School on, we have started to see these very qualities rising to a boil our parent community, who are coming in to school every day to share innovative ideas for drawing donors to the site – everything from partnerships with parent-owned businesses to networking on LinkedIn.

Our Net Positive future is not only a plan for a state-of-the-art net-positive energy campus, but it is also a dream for a Net Positive attitude: encouraging our children and communities to give back more than they take, through sharing ideas, inventions and their time for a greater good.

Students, parents and staff at the Academy for Global Citizenship embody this spirit in their daily lives and look forward to a day when they can realize this concept on a larger scale, with 3 acres of organic farmland to cultivate and a sustainable business incubator with which to collaborate.

To join us in planning the Academy for Global Citizenship’s Net Positive energy future, visit our IndieGoGo page.

To learn more about kCura’s core values, visit their company page. To explore their e-discovery platform, visit relativity.

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