Global Citizenship is… Sister School Partnerships (S.K.I.P!) and Globe-Trotting Staff (With Thanks to SWA)

Global Citizenship is… Sister School Partnerships (S.K.I.P!) and Globe-Trotting Staff (With Thanks to SWA)

What is Global Citizenship?

We think of Global Citizenship as a modern phenomenon, the product of a  cultural, economic and political exchange across international lines, but the concept dates more than two million years to a concept of universal human rights and a universal human experience.

At the Academy for Global Citizenship, we believe that education is a universal human right. We also believe that education in a global age should explore the similarities and differences in the human experience around the world!

At AGC we are Global Citizens every day. Our Chef prepares meals that reflect a range of cultural experiences; from crêpes to chicken Avgolemono soup.


100% of our students are learning a 2nd language, including our Kindergarteners, half of whom participate in a Dual Language class, where 90% of the instruction is in Spanish.

We also believe that the best way to teach our students about other cultures is to experience them first hand!

AGC teachers come from all over the country and the world! Our teachers not only talk about the global experience, they live it as well. Risk takers and world explorers, they bring back experiences, artifacts and a more complex understanding of the culture to improve their lessons. From building bottle schools to receiving awards at the white house, AGC teachers and staff keep moving.


Thanks to our generous friends and neighbors at Southwest Airlines (SWA), we are able to attend the conferences, summits, and professional development trainings around the country that help make our teachers the best in the Midwest!


AGC’s global partners program is an incredible opportunity for our students that grew out of staff globetrotting. We now have 5 global partners in South and Central America, East Africa and South Asia!

Our latest global partner,  S.K.I.P, which stands for Supporting Kids In Peru, (although they are branching out and will soon be “Supporting Kids in Poverty,”) is a fantastic organization in Trujillo, Peru, that both helps students access education, by funding student fees and school related costs as well as providing opportunities outside of the classroom for educational opportunities, social services, community support. S.K.I.P provides small business support for local artisans, helping them to produce and market their creations both in Peru and abroad on the

S.K.I.P director Liz Wilson came to visit AGC’s Dual Language class during her Liz SKIPTour of the US and UK.


AGC students, staff, parents and fans: we’d like to hear from you! What do you do that makes you a Global Citizen?

One thought on “Global Citizenship is… Sister School Partnerships (S.K.I.P!) and Globe-Trotting Staff (With Thanks to SWA)

  1. I applaud AGC for building a school that promotes global citizenship. Your students will appreciate the commonalities of all people and will celebrate the differences. That’s a world I want for my grand kids!

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