9.19: AGC Goes All Hands On Deck to Launch Crowd Funding for our Dream School

9.19: AGC Goes All Hands On Deck to Launch Crowd Funding for our Dream School

AGC is launching a campaign starting this Wednesday  on indiegogo.com to secure the land upon which we will build our Net Positive Future: a K-12 campus that will create more energy than it uses in a given year. This campus will be the first of its kind in Illinois and will serve as a model for generations ahead. We have identified an 11 acre plot of land in our neighborhood to house a K-12 school building. In addition to bringing together our students, currently split between two buildings, the campus will create more energy than it uses, house 7 acres of urban agriculture, fruit trees and a native tree forest, and serve as both a hub for community collaboration and a learning laboratory, open to the public for tours and educational collaboration.

An aerial rendering of our new campus

Our Campaign

This is where we need your help. We’ve already identified half of the $3 million needed to secure the land on which we will create a dream school. We have broken down the remaining into $100,000 chunks. This campaign is an opportunity to create a movement, a ripple that starts with those for whom this is most urgent— the school community and families— to raise $100,000 through donations that are personally meaningful to us, from $5 to $5,000. If we work together to share this dream, we can gather support to reach our goal.

If everyone that is reading this right now  (based on our statistics, that’s as many as 50 daily) reaches out to each reach out to 10 friends and asks them to donate $5 or more, that’s $2,500 right there! Here is the exciting part: if we are able to meet a $50,000 goal, our board of directors has agreed to match that amount to reach $100,000. All the money we raise through this campaign will go towards securing the land, even if we don’t reach our entire goal. Since AGC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, your contributions are entirely tax-deductible.

We are asking you to join us in this step towards building the first energy net-positive school building in the State of Illinois. For every level of involvement, you will receive a “thank you” from us, from t-shirts to produce shares. At the very minimum, your name will be recognized forever on a mural in the new facility.

Layout of new campus

The Why

We are striving to produce a replicable model for learning in the 21st century, through the construction of a net-positive energy school building. This model, built upon the integration of sustainable practices into the learning environment, acts as a “third teacher” for the students. It also serves as a prototype that will shift global communities towards a system of learning that educates our next generation to excel in a socio-economic environment that depends on the state of our planet.

We are the leaders of today and our children will be the environmental, social, and political stewards of tomorrow.

It is our responsibility to equip them with the advantages and opportunities afforded by a rigorous and intentional education and thedream of unlimited potential.


Children playing in new campus.

Excited? Here’s how you can help.

Get the word out! Just as much as your support, we want your tweets, Facebook posts, calls and messages to your friends and family members. We need to join forces to create a movement for positive change, and every voice helps add to the reach of our message.

We know that a green revolution in education will not happen overnight. At AGC, we have been dreaming of our net-positive future for years, but all great ideas need a little water to grow. Together, we can plant the seeds for a brighter future.


1. Donate $5 or more. Get rewarded for donations of all sizes with t-shirts, produce shares or an invitation to a Garden Party

2. Volunteer to sign up to make phone calls on Wednesday. You are ALL welcome to join the “cell phone circle” outside during pickup, drop off, and in between, but if you want to use an AGC phone, we will be taking turns using the phones in the conference room at 47th street and Ms. Jenni’s office upstairs ta the Annex.

3. Make the calls on your own if you cannot be here Wednesday! Any time of the day that is most convenient for you. Your calls and support will also be appreciated Thursday or Friday.

4. Spread the word via social media, phone, email, or message in a bottle! Feel free to copy and paste this into twitter or Facebook.

” Go to http://www.indiegogo.com/agcdreamschool now. Donate, share or just read about our school’s net-positive future: making more energy than we use. Thanks! “

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