The AGC Roadshow in Costa Rica

The AGC Roadshow in Costa Rica

Last Summer, four members of the AGC teaching community travelled to beautiful Potrero Costa Rica to participate in a “Cross Cultural Conference” of educators, organizers and NGOs. The week-long event, hosted by Abriendo Mentes and organized by the network Omprakash, was a rich exchange of innovative teaching practices, cultural sharing, and reflections on the fascinating world of international volunteerism.

Arianna, Liz, Joe & Jenni with Cynthia and Tashi from Ladakh, India.

The small team from AGC – Expanded Learning & Community Engagement Coordinator Jenni Schneiderman, First grade teacher Liz Fyffe, Wellness teacher Joe Phillips, and intern Arianna Lambie – presented a “day in the life” of AGC that  to give the audience a taste of our school culture. Participants were taken on a journey from morning yoga, through the blooming garden, on to a tasty made-from-scratch organic lunch, and even a lesson on trees from a sample Unit of Inquiry.

The conference in Potrero was a further catalyst for many exciting global exchanges happening at AGC. Our sister school in Ladakh, India was represented, as were our friends from last year’s trip to Guatemala. Ms. Jenni wrote a beautiful meditation on the rapidly expanding “dance of cross-pollination” that is giving our students real and tangible connections to other cultures that will further catapult their learning around the globe.

Where will the AGC Roadshow take us next….?

3 thoughts on “The AGC Roadshow in Costa Rica

  1. I enjoy reading about the way AGC staff are able to tell others about the unique opportunities available to their students!

  2. interesting post! international volunteerism is always something that has captivated me and I’m glad others feel the same. I was interested to know what your group thinks are the benefits to the host community through international volunteerism? I think this is a question we should continually be asking in reflective volunteering!

  3. This was so great – I’m glad you guys were able to come to the conference. I’ll definitely be making a visit to AGC this fall!

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