How Do They Do It? Artizone Customers Sponsor AGC’s Healthy Cooking Club…For Free.

How Do They Do It? Artizone Customers Sponsor AGC’s Healthy Cooking Club…For Free.

One month ago, we announced a fresh new approach to crowd funding developed by the delicious, nutritious and earth-friendly local artisan food delivery service, Arizone, which is sponsoring our Healthy Cooking Club.

The Artizone Chicago staff was inspired by the good deeds and great strength of the craft, local, and sustainable food community here to encourage further growth and goodwill with a community-based nonprofit sponsorship initiative. Every quarter, Artizone selects a partner organization to be the beneficiary of a sponsorship through the “Part of the Loop” program.

“Part of the Loop” is an innovative concept that supports both small local businesses specializing in artisan foods and for community ventures, such as AGC’s Healthy Cooking Club, which stand for nutritious, sustainable and local food. The most exciting thing about becoming “Part of the Loop” is that it does not cost Artizone any extra money or time. There is no money added to the customer’s bill, no push to send more, no request to invite friends or fill out surveys.  All a customer must do is tick a box that says “I want to be Part of the Loop” upon checkout. Here is what that looks like:


AGC has already received $1,000 from Artizone to fund the first few months of our Healthy Cooking Club. If 250 people become “Part of the Loop,” Artizone will donate an additional  $1,000 to complete funding for the fall session and allow us to start saving for winter.

We encourage all friends and fans of local sustainable and craft food to consider placing an order and becoming Part of the Loop. Artizone gathers the highest quality groceries and produce (Green Grocer, anyone?) as well as incredibly fresh fish (Hagan’s Fish Market: family owned and operated since 1946) and meat (Gepperth’s sells alligator!) and brings them to your door, saving you a trip to these specialty stores while saving gas and emissions.

Over 30 people have already become Part of the Loop, will you help us reach 250 before September 30th?

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