Garden Fresh Masters Series #2: Dara Cooper from Fresh Moves

Garden Fresh Masters Series #2: Dara Cooper from Fresh Moves

Dara Cooper is an activist and organizer who has spent nearly half of her life developing innovative approaches to an incredible range of human rights issues including hunger, destructive food and food systems, economic development, justice for political prisoners and exiles and access to HIV/AIDS resources abroad. An expert juggler of sorts, she shares her skills and passions with such organizations as Healthy Food Hub, Rising in Solidarity with Ayiti, and Ella’s Daughters.

Dara came to us today to share her expertise and vision on improving healthy food access. Fresh Moves addresses the issue of healthy food access and knowledge through a mobile food market that sells fruits and vegetables around the North Lawndale and Austin neighborhoods while advocating, spreading awareness and creating a dialog around healthy foods.

The Fresh Moves mobile produce market, which currently lives inside an retrofitted CTA bus, was created by Food Desert Action as a creative way to address the issue of food deserts in Chicago.

For a brief yet moving background on Food Deserts including recommendations for addressing the issue, watch this short video produced by the incredible young people at Free Spirit Media.

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