Artisan Food Delivery Customers Become “Part of the Loop” for AGC’s Healthy Cooking Club

Artisan Food Delivery Customers Become “Part of the Loop” for AGC’s Healthy Cooking Club, a craft, local and artisan food delivery service has developed an innovative new approach to charitable crowd funding and they have just announced that AGC will be their first beneficiary!

About Artizone ChicagoWe are thrilled by Artizone’s mission to provide– through strong community relationships with small vendors– access to superior quality food. Artizone partners with some of our favorite local, organic and intentional providers, including the delicious and nutritious Green Grocer. We would also like to applaud Artizone for being so motivated to give back to the community only a few months after moving to Chicago. Welcome to town!

Part of the Loop’s Innovative Process: On the first day of each quarter, Artizone will donate $1,000 to an organization that is doing great things for Chicago. AGC will receive this first check in July. Following that initial check, Artizone will donate an additional $1,000 for every 250 Artizone Chicago customers who join this incredible movement. To become “Part of the Loop,” Artizone customers are not asked for donations, they must simply check a box during checkout after an order to show their support. The Artizone Chicago staff deserve a great big ACG Orca cheer for their hands-on approach to this partnership. They said some wonderful things after visit to our school, which you can read on their blog here.

What This Will Do for ACG: Artizone’s initial $1,000 check will fund the first 8 weeks of Summer programming for our Healthy Cooking Club. Once 250 people show their support by becoming Part of the Loop, Artizone will donate another $1,000, which will fund the rest of our 13-week Fall session and allow us to put money aside for the Winter session!

Healthy Cooking workshops are an important part of our mission to not only to provide healthy organic breakfast and lunch to our hard working students but to nurture responsibility for their own health and wellness.

To become Part of the Loop and help support our Healthy Cooking Club, simply place an order with Artizone Chicago and click that box! We will track the progress of this exciting new initiative. Check back here for updates.

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