AGC Kindergarten Tree of Knowledge

AGC Kindergarten Tree of Knowledge

Yesterday, to a room packed with family and teachers, AGC’s Kindergarten class put on a ceremony to present some of the things they learned in their first year as AGC Orcas.

The future 1st graders took turns standing in front of the audience and reading sentences they had written about one thing they learned this year. Dylan “learned that trees give us new air,” and Pablo “learned that [he] can count from 100 five-by-five!” The sentences were written on leaves, which, as each student presented, were added to a “Tree of Knowledge.” It was thrilling to watch the tree grow as we shared in their learning experience.

After everyone had a chance to share and the tree was full of leaves, the proud AGC Orcas sang a song that took us on a journey through each Unit of Inquiry. Finally, guests were invited into the classrooms to explore their  student’s portfolio.

Congratulations to the new 1st grade class! We’re so proud of how you’ve grown this year.

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