On Tuesday, June 5, 2012, the Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) welcomed NBC to its 47th street building to witness innovative education in practice. Reporter Alicia Roman visited AGC and spoke to Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, Founder & Director of AGC, to learn more about our sustainability efforts.

At the Academy for Global Citizenship, Alicia Roman had the opportunity to check out our school’s solar energy learning lab, wind turbine, chicken coop, organic garden, greenhouse, cafeteria, and food compost. Our schoolyard chickens were very well behaved during Alicia’s outdoor interview with Sarah Elizabeth, the three of them sat quietly behind their favorite plants.  Ms. Roman also was able to speak with some of AGC’s students to learn about their experiences at the school.

Thanks to NBC for coming out and finding out more about AGC. The Academy for Global Citizenship’s story will be airing on NBC soon. For more information on the air date please stay tuned and come back to our blog for the details!

NBC's Interview at AGC
Sarah Elizabeth Ippel Interviewing for AGC on NBC

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