AGC Shares Vision for a Net-Positive Future

AGC Shares Vision for a Net-Positive Future

On May 17th, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, Founder & Executive Director of the Academy for Global Citizenship, shared AGC’s vision for improving public education and sustainability with guests at Greta Huizenga and Mark Giesen’s “Change the World”  cocktail reception, held in the historic Racquet Club of Chicago.

At the event, Sarah Elizabeth described the steps AGC currently takes towards advancing public education with systemic change: an an IB program, health and wellness classes, everyday environmental stewardship initiatives, and so much more!  This is just life at AGC!

She went on to describe AGC’s proposed Net-Positive Campus, which will allow us to improve these daily achievements, but will also facilitate dissemination of our programs, with new space and infrastructure for public tours, forums, a community center, and much more. The Net Positive Campus will allow us to, once again, challenge what a public school can be and achieve: not just sustainable, but ecologically restorative; not just modeling environmental stewardship, but using the campus as a teacher; not just exploring best practices in student empowerment, but creating a space for educators to strategize systematic dissemination, scaling and implementing of best practices.

View Sarah Elizabeth’s presentation shared at the event!

AGC would like to thank Mark and Greta again for hosting the event and all those who attended “Change the World.” We were honored to have been able to share our passion with all involved.

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