Keep It Clean!

Keep It Clean!

The Academy for Global Citizenship is committed to creating a healthy environment for our students, teachers and community.  One way that health is defined at AGC is the cleanliness of the building.  Sure, a little dirt builds up a strong immune system, but the accumulation of dirt and bacteria is certainly not healthy.

For the past 2.5 years, AGC has partnered with the Chicago based cleaning company PortionPac (  In their own words:

Since 1964, sustainability has led our business, our products, our relationships, and our success. Decades before it became a buzzword, PortionPac’s founders, Syd Weisberg and Marvin Klein, believed in the value of sustainability and what it meant for the environment, the industry and the people that lived and worked in both. Built on a foundation of environmental stewardship and social responsibility, PortionPac continues to strive toward creating the world’s most sustainable solutions for clean buildings.

Many companies claim to be sustainable and healthy. PortionPac lives up to that claim.  But Sustainability is only one metric that we use to choose our partners.  The product needs to deliver on its promises.  PortionPac products are the most effective cleaning products that we have seen.  Beyond just their products, PortionPac trains cleaning staff in how to use their simple 1 to 1 color-coded system.  Their packaging is sustainable, their chemicals are non-toxic and the people behind the product are great.

You may be wondering why I am writing so much about cleaning supplies.  My excitement stems from the fact that they insisted that Mr. Danny (AGC’s head of maintenance) and I visit their facility.  I always ask farmers if I can visit their farms and use that as a litmus test for their transparency.  PortionPac proactively passed.  When we were there, we were amazed by the beautiful art, the transformed space and the lack of chemical smells, haz-mat suits and the like.  In the middle of their production floor they had happy and healthy plants growing!  Like our farmers, AGC works hard to find product vendors who match our sustainable vision and work everyday to make the world a better place.  Below are some pictures from our visit.

AGC is proud to have partners like PortionPac whose products work and who are sustainable not to make more money, but because it is the right thing to do.

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