Our Partner School in The Himalayas

Our Partner School in The Himalayas

For the last few weeks, our fastidious fourth graders have embarked on an exciting unit called “Our Friends In Ladakh” in Mr. Phillips’ Sustainability & Wellness class.  They have begun a cross-global partnership with a school in Ladakh – a region of Northern India perched high up in the Himalayan Mountains. Students have shared language, videos, photos, drawings, smiles, and lots of questions. Many of those questions were answered during Skype video conversations between students, where as Mr. Dan put it… their kids waved and said “hello.” Ours waved back and said “jullay!” 

Last week AGC had a very special visitor from Ladakh, Cynthia Hunt. Ms. Hunt has been living and working in the Himalayas for 25 years, where she founded two relief organizations to improve overall health of Ladakhi people and to provide assistance after the disastrous floods of 2010. Her commitment to the whole child has naturally led to education, which led her to this amazing partnership with AGC!


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