Second Graders Filter Chicago River Water!

Second Graders Filter Chicago River Water!

We are learning about our community and what we can do to improve it. We are doing a community walk, interviewing community members, and reading about the history of our community. Ms. Gehl told us about the Chicago river and how important it is for the city. Unfortunately, the river isn’t clean. We learned how we can solve this problem; we can build filters to clean it up! 
You need:
  • A cup
  • Cotton balls
  • Cloth/towel
  • Rocks
  • Sand
  • Water from the Chicago river
We did three experiments; first we put sand and rocks on the bottom of our cup. That didn’t help much because the water was still dirty. Then we put cotton balls on the bottom of the cup, then rocks and then water. This was a little bit better. Then we added cotton balls, cloth, rocks and finally sand. The water was really getting more clear! We think the filter was working!

One thought on “Second Graders Filter Chicago River Water!

  1. love this community awareness project! This is the thing that will make students feel they are part of the solution and to love science. AGC Rocks!!!!!

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