The Sun Has Power!

The Sun Has Power!

On April 24th 2011 AGC’s solar panels went online…literally.  Though the panels were installed about a month before that, we were able to hook up our online monitoring system in April.  The online monitoring has allowed use to see how much energy each of the 3 panels are generating.  The students are able to see graphs of energy collection and calculate out offsets.  They are able to use their critical thinking skills to determine why the graph is sinusoidal is shape and some peaks are higher than others (take a look at the past week:  Click Here then click “7 days”).

Through this tracking, students, staff and visitors alike are able to see the math, science and sustainability behind renewable energy.

Here are some quick facts about AGC’s solar.  We are looking for another 3 panels to fill in our solar learning lab, please let us know if you have any leads on grants or solar-donors!

Some quick facts:

To date (April 24th-September 12):

-AGC’s 3 solar panels have produced enough energy (383kWh) to power 13 houses for a day (or 1 house for 13 days)

-AGC’s 3 solar panels have offset 584 pounds of carbon- the equivalent of 6 trees.

-Average cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) in Chicago is $.154, meaning that our panels have saved us $58.98 in electricity costs.

AGC is working to get solar on our annex facility. Please watch our 3rd graders explain solar energy and click “like” (under “comments”) on the YouTube Page.  VIDEO HERE


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