AGC Goes Zero Waste!

AGC Goes Zero Waste!

Nature is the ultimate model of efficiency.  In nature there is no waste; outputs of every process become inputs for new processes: dead trees become homes for owls, ideal locations for mushrooms to fertilize and food for termites.  At the Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC), we try to replicate some of nature’s natural processes in action and in theory.  This year, we are thrilled to partner with Collective Resources to haul our compostable waste to Land and Lakes’ compost facility!  This partnership will allow AGC to expand our compost program because Land and Lakes is a certified commercial compost facility and can accept all food scraps and fiber based materials.  The compost that Land and Lakes produces goes back out to landscapers and gardeners to use as nutrient rich soil; a replication of nature’s process.


What all this means for AGC is that we are now running a Zero-Waste Food Program!  All packaging is recycled, and all food scraps and napkins are composted.  In a recent discussion with our school’s leadership, we decided to keep the waste bins in the cafeteria to show the students and teachers that waste is always an option, but not one that we need right now.  There is something exciting about looking into the waste bin after a meal and see it empty!


We are excited to have Collective Resources on board as they have just announced that with our waste, they kept one ton of compostable waste out of the landfill and into a process that is regenerative.


In AGC form, we are celebrating our success while looking forward to the next area of our school that can be transformed to Zero Waste!


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