AGC about town

AGC about town

Last Saturday, our Sustainability & Wellness teachers Ms. Tobias and Mr. Phillips spread the AGC message at an “Eco-Mixer” hosted by Uncommon Ground, a sustainable restaurant that boasts the nation’s first certified organic roof top farm. It was a beautiful day to share ideas with like-minded educators and innovators.

2 thoughts on “AGC about town

  1. What an inspiring morning! We are very lucky to live in a city with such innovative and creative minds.

  2. My daughter is in ms gehl’s class,the wonderful AGC community.I had the opportunity to be part of the classroom fieldtrip to the uncommon ground. The children were so interested in completing the food menu assigment that ms tobias gave them at the time of the fieldtrip and it helped my daughter understand the benefits of having our veggie garden.Because of the workshops on composting,gardening that ms jenni brings to AGC for parents,my family have worked together every year on our own backyard garden with zuchinni,tomatoes,cucumbers….

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