Living Building Challenge & Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab

Living Building Challenge & Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab

Living Building Challenge

The Energy Lab at Hawai’i Preparatory Academy  has achieved “Living” status through the Living Building Challenge certification process.

Take a tour here.

From the architect‘s website:

“In this new 6,100 square foot renewable-energy research laboratory, students will study, design, and evaluate renewable-energy technologies. The award-winning facility meets the Living Building Challenge, a threshold that exceeds the USGBC’s Platinum LEED rating. It produces all of its own energy needs, harvests rainwater to meet its potable water needs, and provides natural ventilation and views to 100% of its occupied spaces. Sophisticated energy models were used to form the shape and fenestration of the building during the design.”

From International Living Future Institute website:

Hawaii Preparatory Academy
Energy Lab
Status: Certified ‘Living’
Version of Program: 1.3
Location: Kamuela, HI, US
Bioregion: Tropics
Living Transect: L3
Typology: Building
Occupant Type: Educational

Project Area: 95,832 sf
Building Area: 5,902 sf
Building Footprint: 11,535 sf
Start of construction: 09/2008
Start of Occupancy Period: 01/2010

Representatives from the Academy from Global Citizenship are in contact with the team at Hawaii Preparatory Academy and are building a relationship that will allow us to share best practices. Clearly, the climate/geography in Hawaii is very different than Illinois, and our project will have very unique sensitivities. Nonetheless, we can learn a great deal from those that have already progressed through the stages of Living Building Challenge certification.

A rendering of AGC’s proposed campus:

We look forward to developing a partnership with all of the Living Building Challenge participants, and will feature case studies here. Stay tuned!

We are also interested in learning about other “green building” projects. If you know of any bold “green building” projects, please send them along to AGC’s Director of Development, Peter Vitale, at

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