I love being an AGC Summer Camper!

I love being an AGC Summer Camper!

In the first three days of camp, both cabins Super Squash and Cool Corn collectively commit to a safe, fair, and kind summer together. Also, all are passionate about leaving no trace in our cabins (aka transformed classrooms), schoolyard, and broader community.

Mornings consist of literacy circle around our homemade campfire. The imaginary flickering flame inspires active storytelling and creative interpretation activities. Then, for math enrichment, we use our amazing bodies to understand distance and time by measuring how far we can run in 5 whole seconds.

At lunch time, we patiently wait for all to be served before we take our first bite. We thank Ms. Julia and her daughters, Milagro and Bethany,  for preparing such a delicious colorful meal, as well as the farmers for growing us the ingredients of all organic eggs, black beans, spinach, and tomatoes, for a nutrition packed breakfast burrito. The cool shade of the solar trellis makes for a perfect picnic lunch spot!

After completing our active transportation activities, campers and junior counselors enjoy a social afternoon of nurturing the chickens and school garden. Onward to Thursday, Day #4!

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