Clean Energy Trust & The Academy for Global Citizenship

Clean Energy Trust & The Academy for Global Citizenship

The Academy for Global Citizenship has begun an exciting conversation with the Clean Energy Trust (CET). CET is an Illinois nonprofit corporation with a mission to further the growth of clean energy technologies and businesses in the State of Illinois and the broader Midwest. CET believes clean energy will define the future, help secure our nation’s energy supply, and enable the highest quality of life for all citizens. Illinois can be a global leader in clean energy. The Trust strives to support regional economic development and address our nation’s energy and environmental crisis by encouraging innovation in the sector.

CET works with a variety of partners, including:

Research Partners

University of Illinois Chicago

University of Illinois

Northwestern University

The University of Chicago

Illinois Institute of Technology

Argonne National Laboratory

Trade Groups


Global Midwest Alliance

Illinois Science & Technology Coalition

Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center

Illinois Technology Association


AGC and CET are discussing several partnership ideas, and AGC is particularly excited about the prospect of developing an environmental education framework in collaboration with CET and its stakeholders.  As CET shores up a strong local base around clean energy and begins cultivating the vibrant components of a thriving regional new energy economy, AGC will be sharing important lessons learned from the creation of our rigorous environmental education framework. Most importantly, AGC will be providing guidance to CET as it begins to conduct clean energy-related community outreach within the K-8 school system. As the leaders of tomorrow, our students’ voices represent an essential element in this conversation, and we are honored to be in the beginning stages of a partnership with CET. Please stay tuned, as this dynamic relationship takes shape!

To learn more about Clean Energy Trust, please visit

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