Building Global Relationships

Building Global Relationships

The Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) was built on the fundamental understanding that the actions of world affect each of us at home and that our actions affect people around the world. Beyond the mere acknowledgment of the inter-connectedness of all of us, AGC believes that we should teach a culture in which our students strive to positively affect the world around them. The most effective way to inspire our students is to create meaningful relationships; these relationships can be with nature, a garden, animals and people. By building a positive relationship, our students will be more inclined to learn from the world around them.

Recently AGC’s 2nd and 3rd graders began a pen-pal relationship with the Adonai Centre in Namugoga, a small village in rural Uganda. AGC’s students wrote letters introducing themselves and talking about what they learn and do at AGC. They asked many insightful questions to their peers in Uganda with the goal of sharing similarities and exploring differences. A friend of AGC is currently in Uganda and will be hand delivering the letters to the students at the Adonai Centre! The students and teachers are excited to build these relationships and have incorporated lessons in geography, math, spelling, social skills and literacy to bolster the pen-pal program.

This November, AGC’s Director of Sustainability and Operations, Dan Schnitzer, will travel to Kenya and Uganda as part of the Bold Foods Fellowship (through Growing Power) to learn more about global food security and urban agriculture. Dan hopes for the opportunity to visit the Adonai Centre and meet AGC’s global friends face-to-face. This experience will give AGC the opportunity to link our global and environmental education.

We are excited for our students to connect with global friends as their curiosity and education grows.

One thought on “Building Global Relationships

  1. What a wonderful idea! I want to invite your school to consider following another global citizen, my 11 year old son, who is traveling around the world with his mom (me) on an 8 year extended trip. We blog and podcast our experiences. I invite you to listen to a podcast and actually our last one is about being a global citizen here:
    If the students have any questions for Miro, I invite you to ask him and he can answer them on an upcoming podcast.

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