AGC Presents at NBC’s Education Nation in NYC!

AGC Presents at NBC’s Education Nation in NYC!

This week, AGC and OWP|P Cannon Design were represented at NBC’s Education Nation Summit in New York’s Rockefeller Center. Education nation began with an opening address by President Obama and panelists and hosts included NBC news anchor Brian Williams, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Colin Powell. Throughout the week, NBC covered education topics and challenges from the perspective of students, teachers, administrations, unions and the public.

AGC’s Director of Sustainability, Dan Schnitzer and Executive Director Sarah Elizabeth Ippel spent two days at the Learning Plaza outside of NBC studios talking about the use of our current and future facilities as educational tools. AGC’s 3rd grade energy project which includes discussion about an energy generating playground, an energy generating bicycle and upcoming energy audit were highlighted as ways to incorporate technology and sustainability into lesson planning.

Supported by OWP|P Cannon Design, specifically The Third Teacher, AGC highlighted how children learn first from adults, then from their peers and third from their environment. This concept permeates the design process of AGC’s new facility. The facility will be designed and built with a purposeful approach in which students will be able to interact with and learn from the school building.

A highlight of the trip included a discussion between Dan Schnitzer and the Today Show host Meredith Viera about AGC and The Third Teacher.

2 thoughts on “AGC Presents at NBC’s Education Nation in NYC!

  1. Brilliant news all the way around. So pleased for you guys. No doubt even more well-earned attention coming AGC’s way.

    And congrats to Dan for getting one-on-one time w/ Meredith Viera along the way, too.

  2. This is just fantastic, not just for the Academy, but also the Third Teacher, AGC and oWp/p Cannon Design. There some vitally important messages to get out there – this is a fab way to start more of the conversations!

    Well done to all

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